The "BIG" Earth Charter
The Earth Charter is a set of fundamental principles that seek to define a just, sustainable and peaceful society for the 21st century. Since its creation in 2000, it has been endorsed by governments, businesses, institutions, world organizations and individuals. The Earth Charter has been embraced by UNESCO as a means of educating the public of the importance of creating a sustainable world. It has as its mission to establish a sound ethical foundation for the emerging global society. Thus, the Little Earth Charter's focus is to bring that foundation to children aged 4-8.
The purpose of the Little Earth Charter is to help teachers convey its universal principles to children at an early age, with a view to becoming responsible earth stewards for a sustainable future. The mission of the LEC is to reach as many children as possible, in every region of the planet.
Grass roots initiative
The Little Earth Charter has extended its roots and sprouted in the past year.? The web-based program is now being integrated into classrooms in Canada, the US, Portugal, Russia, Belgium, Australia, Japan and beyond.?Treat your students to the animated series of eight short films, each focussing on one of the eight principles: Life, Interconnected, Family, Past, Earth, Peace, Love, and Future.? Classroom activities accompany the LEC, to further consolidate the learning, available for free on this website.?
Our team...
Little Animation is a small animation company based in Montreal, Canada. We've undertaken to provide environmental and ethical value-enriched content for young children, in the form of animation, music and associated teaching materials.
The Little Earth Charter is a Little Animation project created by JC Little and Rosie Emery. Visit
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